Top 10 Best Essential Washing Machine Accessories

Whenever we plan to buy a new washing machine, the first thing we think about is “Which washing machine would be best for me?” However, buying a good washing machine doesn’t put an end to your shopping list. For better working on your washing machine, you should buy good and right accessories along with it. No matter how great your washing machine is but if you haven’t accessorized it correctly then it will not function up to the mark.

Buying a Washing machine is the first thing but along with that you must stock up the must required accessories that are mostly used while laundry or washing clothes. These days, washing machines are one of the most innovative and advanced inventions of our time that has changed the lifestyle of a lot of people across the globe. Therefore, the demand for these machines has increased immensely and with several price options, people can easily avail these machines. As these machines require few accessories for its working, we are here to provide you with the list of Washing Machine Accessories that every consumer must-have, particularly if you have recently bought a new machine.

10 Best Essential Washing Machine Accessories

It is always quite exhausting when it comes to laundry, however, washing machines have reduced a lot of workloads. Laundry is a never-ending process and for this, you keep on needing accessories that are quite essential for every Washing Machine and if you have bought a new one then you should definitely have those. Here, we are going to provide you with a list of some products that are going to make your laundry a lot easier and manageable than ever before.

  1. Laundry Detergents
  2. Laundry Booster or Additives
  3. Dryer Balls– Wool, Plastic or Rubber
  4. Laundry Basket or Hampers
  5. Washing Machine Cover
  6. Smart Plug
  7. Laundry Bag
  8. Iron
  9. Hard Water Protection
  10. Adjustable Stand/Trolley

These are our list of top required and essential washing machine accessories:

Laundry Detergent

Detergents are a very essential requirement for laundry but most of us don’t use the right Detergent and its correct amount while washing clothes. This then affects the quality of the fabric and leads to allergy or skin irritation whose skin is quite sensitive to harsh clothes. Therefore, the right Detergent and its ideal amount should be used while laundering.  You must use a different kind of detergent for a different kind of fabric such as cotton, wool, synthetic, and delicate fabrics and for the different washing machine.

There are two types of detergents used for laundering in washing machines such as powder or liquid detergent. Overall, liquid detergent is the best one for most of the laundry process because of its consistency. It can dissolve very well with the fabrics and are best suited for quick and cold washes. Powdered Detergent, on the other hand, take a little more time to dissolve compared to liquid one, especially in cooler temperatures.  Also, Powder detergent is costlier than the Liquid one. For top-loading machine, you must use the right amount of detergent as it produces more lather because this kind of machine requires less water. Also, if you don’t use the right detergent then it might leave detergent stains etc. on your clothes. So choosing the right Detergents and right amount will give you great washing.  This will not only give a perfect finish and shine to your fabric but will also save your lot of money.

Laundry Booster or Additives

Detergents and Laundry Additives are different things which most people get confused with. Your detergent is not quite enough to give that perfect shine or odor to your clothes and fabrics, however, there are some Laundry Booster or Additives that can add more elements to your fabric which makes them look very new and enhance the laundry process very efficiently. There are a number of additives that you can use for heightening a detergent’s washing ability. Each Additive is going to offer different properties for solving your different laundry issues.

Some of the important laundry additives which are widely used and are also very necessary for your laundry are as follows:

Baking Soda:

Baking soda helps in boosting the cleaning process and removes the bad smell or odor from the dirty laundry. Not only this, with the use of baking soda, you can improve the performance of your detergent and brightens your clothes very well.

Stain Removers:

As the name suggests Stain Removers helps in eliminating a different kind of stains and can efficiently with a wide of hard-to-remove stains. These also come in deferent forms such as in spray, gel, among others.

Washing Soda:

This mainly works as a solvent for removing different types of stains. It helps the other cleaning ingredients of your detergent to lift soil from the fabrics and remove the soil in the wash water.

Other than that there is a wide range of laundry additives that can help you to make your washing as well drying process very easily such as scent boosters, bleach, vinegar, fabric softener, etc.

Dryer Balls– Wool, Plastic or Rubber

Dryer balls or Laundry balls are most commonly used as fabric softener because of their tightly compressed structure that has been made of wool, plastic and rubber. Most of the Dryer balls are made up of wool and these are highly consumed as well. These are very useful in preventing clumping of fabrics together while laundry. In addition to that, it also helps in making the fabrics wrinkle-free and keeps the fabric soft. Its soft nodules gently massage the fabrics and maintain its natural fuzz and softness. Dryer balls also help in reducing the drying time by getting in between fabrics and clothes in the dryers as well separate them at the time of spin in the machine.  This helps in increasing better air circulation within the dryer that will let the moisture evaporate quickly in the towels and then draw it away as well.

Mostly, woollen Dryer balls are used by many because it is natural and environmentally friendly as well. Wool dryer balls work great to eliminate the static which mainly produces a lot while washing towels and any similar kind of fabric. Additionally, it absorbs the moisture from the fabrics for improving the drying time. These have many benefits and it lasts long as well. For those who have an automatic or semi-automatic washing machine, at their home, can use these laundry balls efficiently.

Laundry Basket or Hampers

You must separate your dirty laundry before washing and for those, we have these Laundry Basket or Hampers. These are very affordable products that don’t even take your much space but offer you great convenience. With these, you can easily carry your dirty laundry and can separate your good clothes from the dirty ones. This also makes your laundry process very easy and you don’t have to search for the clothes for the cleaning. As these laundry baskets come in different shape and measurements, due to which you can select the one that will suit your convenience as per to their needs.

This is a very convenient, easy and clean way to store your dirty fabrics or clothes in one corner and makes the process very easy and simple. These are very affordable and come in different shape and size and also in great colour or design which combine with your overall living space very easily and doesn’t bother you. Laundry Basket is a great option for those who don’t have a big family, but if you have a big family then you should go for the Hampers. There are several Laundry Basket and Hampers that are available on the market made of different quality. A high-quality box is going to tolerate or bear some damage quite easily because of which fewer chances of breakage will take place.

Washing Machine Cover

Many people don’t invest much on covers as they think it is an unnecessary or excessive product which is not the reality at all. If you want your exterior of the machine to look new for many years then covers play a very important role in that. It not only protects your machine from dust but also prevents wear and tear of its colour. Change in weather or climate (especially humidity) can lead to affecting the exterior quality of the washing machine.

It prevents the moisture to affect the machine’s body due to its cover because of which man parts of the machine doesn’t get damaged remain in their best shape for many years. These are very convenient to use and you will not feel any trouble using washing machine because these covers include holes for the inlet as well as an outlet of pipes which makes it quite easier to operate the machine even with the cover on. The best part is many of these covers are waterproof, scratch-resistant and comes in great design and colours which makes it look very elegant.

Smart Plug

To function efficiently, a Washing Machine requires high voltage electricity, this can lead to voltage fluctuation. In order to avoid such kind of issue and for protecting the machine from any kind of voltage issue you must require a Voltage Cutout. It is a very easy and efficient way of protecting any electronic gears of washing machines from any kind of fluctuations from high or low voltage. The best part about this safety device is that it is available in a reasonable price range and provides great protection to your washing machine.

It is a smart device as it can detect the difference in power fluctuations automatically and can determine which one is healthy and which one is not for the Washing Machine. It will then automatically neutralize the power to the appliances and recommence power spontaneously as soon as the voltage is healthy. It is very easy to install, cost-effective and all you have to do is to just plug in your machine power pin on Smart Plug and then on the power. That’s it…. You are all Done! And your Washing Machine is protected from any such kind of voltage fluctuations.

Laundry Bag

Laundry Bags are very useful to store your laundry in the most efficient and clean way. These are a very important tool for laundry but most people don’t understand it and don’t take the best advantage of these bags. The first and the most important benefit of these bags are that these can be used for good storage and you can efficiently store the cleaned or dirty laundry as per to your convenience. You don’t need to hide clothes in your closet but instead, make things organized with these laundry bags. One can easily wash the small clothes by keeping them in a laundry bag and washing it without being lost. Mostly, mesh laundry bags are used by many customers as it is capable of preventing the other clothes getting damaged during washing and also avoid tangling of clothes in the washer.

You can also store your dirty shoes in these bags as these don’t allow the stinky smell to irritate everyone. These bags also come in many shapes and sizes and are made of different materials, and colours which are also appealing to your eyes. These are also eco-friendly and cost-effective and protects your fabric to get damage while in the washing machine and the dryer. These protect your fabric with a protective layer between the items that are inside it and other items that are inside the washer. With these bags, you can store delicate fabric in one bag, the smelly laundry in other and so on, this will help you to avoid the mixing up of all the fabrics together.

Clothing Iron

The laundry process ends with ironing as it gives your fabric or clothes very polished and crisp look that makes your clothes look fresh and brand new. Wrinkles on the clothes don’t give a nice look, particularly if you are a working person. Ironing makes sure to give your fabric a smooth and wrinkle-free finish which will also make you confident throughout the day. A good iron comes with several different features that can suit your all ironing needs and requirements. In addition, some of the laundry detergents leave a weird smell on your fabric which is hard to remove but it can be easily removed while ironing and your clothes will smell clean and fresh.

Also, the cleaning defects can be easily identified while ironing so you can also correct it conveniently. While cleaning, germs are killed in that process but there are many that didn’t get eliminated in that process but at the time of ironing these microorganisms gets killed through ironing your clothes. You should always try to opt for god quality iron that can let you keep your clothes neat and clean along with eliminating wrinkles and shrinkage from your clothes after wash. Some of the best iron brands available on the market are Phillips, Havells, Morphy Richards, among many. Before buying the machine you must try to look at its features completely and make sure that iron is best suitable for you or not and then only make the best buying decision.

Hard Water Protection

In most of the household, hard water is a very common issue because of which it becomes quite difficult for the detergents to get dissolved in the water. And if you keep on using the Washing Machine with this hard water then you will see that after some use a while layer of salt is forming around the drum, as well as the supply pipes which result in choking such pipes. However, this issue can be sorted and for treating the concern of hard water, all you need is a filter that makes sure that clean water is supplying in the washing machine. With the help of these filters, the stubborn salt doesn’t stick to the parts of the machine or form crystals, but instead, they will be converted into less and fine particles that can be washed away quite easily.

These filters work in such a way that they do not decrease the TDS or turbidity of water but will actually lessen the effects of hard water salts. It will make sure that suspended filths are filtered out along with that the hardness salts are acclimatized in advance they spread your washing machine. Overall, its main function is to make sure that the fabrics are retaining their colour as well as softness. Your washing machine will be protected from such issue along with that the Wash Quality of the machine will also improve.

Adjustable Stand/Trolley

If you want an easier movement for these washing machines then Stand and Trolley really helps you out with that. It is a very important equipment and can be accessed very easily. You don’t even have to spend much for these but it will make sure to offer more convenience than ever before. At the time of shifting or moving the machine from place to another or to one room to another, these gears really help you out to do this very conveniently. It prevents any kind of damage that might occur while shifting these heavy machines.

These stands are also very sturdy and durable and are capable of handling the weight of these machines. These stands don’t only work as the stopper but also it absorbs the heavy vibration that has been produced by the machine for the duration of washing or spinning cycle. The locking mechanism of the stand is also very useful that make sure in maintaining the position of your washing machine in one place and it stays quite well and doesn’t move much while in vibration.

The best part is that there is a wide option of trollies available on the market that are highly adjustable, because of which you can adjust these as per to your convenience. These are usually painted with a thick powder coated silver paint which helps in protecting the stand from rust as well as corrosion. It is placed below your machine, thus, doesn’t consume any much of your space and its pedestal let you clean the machine from below to avoid corrosion and maintaining the long durability of your washing machine. These trolleys are mostly made of iron to give good support to your machine and its adjustable features offer more convenience. Some trollies also include four Vibration absorbing rubber jack that keeps the machine sturdy even while in operation and in high vibrations. 

Washing Machine Accessories Buyer’s Guide

Washing Machines are time-saving and most efficient technology that has made a huge impact on the lives of many people, especially, the ones who don’t have much time for laundry in this busy schedule. It helps in saving a lot of your time and efforts that will be required in hand wash. However, to make things easier, many accessories and products are available in the market that can help to make the laundry process very easily and conveniently. Above, we have discussed all those items and products and have talked about their importance and uses. With these listed products, you can reduce more time from your laundry process and will help in making your clothes look great and to appear more fresh and new.

Final Verdict

This was our list of most essential washing machine accessories that every consumer must have if they own one. With these products, you can make this exhausting process of laundry quite convenient. These are also very essential products that you must have if you have bought a washing machine. We hope, this information will be quite useful for you and you will look forward to buying all or some of these above-listed products. For any queries related to the same, you can ask us in our comment section, we will soon reply to your concern. However, these products can be bought from stores or shopping outlets but we would suggest you make the purchase online as many online sites or apps offers you best deals over these products and you will get everything at one platform as well with the best price range and great offers.